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IV Sedation

The Safe Choice For Dentist Surgery

When it comes to setting up appointments for our concierge services, you might feel anxious or nervous. You are not alone in this reaction, and some clients come to us after years of avoiding an appointment. We want to reassure you of our compassionate, world-class care in a relaxed, calm environment that focuses on your comfort and safety. Our highly experienced team of professionals will closely tend to your pain care as well as sedation options if you need IV sedation dentistry at our Pompano Beach, FL, dental lounge. 

How Does IV Sedation Work? 

IV sedation is a conscious form of sedation. It benefits you with a calming effect which is just what you need when you are feeling anxious about dental surgery procedures. We will set up an intravenous (IV) drip next to you and insert a small needle into your inner elbow or the back of your hand, delivering the sedative directly into your bloodstream. There are different benzodiazepines drugs used, such as diazepam, lorazepam, or midazolam. Midazolam is popular as it works faster, wears off faster, but if you have liver function challenges, then lorazepam is a better choice. 

Midazolam acts by activating the γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA). A receptor complex. Simultaneously, it enhances GABA-mediated chloride currents. These two actions result in the hyperpolarization of neurons, and the patient’s excitability is decreased. There is a minimum effect on respiratory and cardiovascular stability. 

What Does IV Sedation Feel Like? 

You will be semi-awake but, due to the amnesic effect of the medication, you will not be fully aware of the procedure, nor will you remember it afterwards. You will feel very relaxed, confident and at peace. Because you are semi-awake, you will be able to respond to verbal requests from our caring team. 

What To Expect During IV Sedation Dentistry 

Our combination of innovative technology, world-class skills and training, and friendly, empathetic staff means your comfort and health will be carefully and accurately monitored. Your dentist will administer additional medications during the procedure to minimize swelling and prevent you from feeling nauseous. 

How Long Does IV Sedation Stay In Your System? 

Your dentist will adjust the sedation according to the progress of your procedure to ensure you are well covered for the time of the surgery. While you will quickly become fully conscious after the procedure, you will not be able to drive. Please make confirmed arrangements with a friend, family member, or partner to bring you to your appointment. We will advise you in advance of your appointment’s time length so your chaperone can be waiting for you when you recover sufficiently from the sedation. 

When your procedure is completed, you will spend a short time in our surgical recovery area and will still be monitored by our first-rate team – focused on your comfort, needs, and safety. Once you are fully awake, you can go home immediately and rest for 24 hours.  

IV Sedation Vs. General Anesthesia  

IV sedation is a firm favorite with patients because, unlike general anesthesia, you do not need to be fully unconscious. The general anesthesia procedure is very technique-sensitive and requires the services of a certified anesthesiologist. An endotracheal tube is necessary for general anesthesia usage, so your throat will feel bruised afterward. The tube is necessary because the anesthesia drugs paralyze all your muscles which includes the diaphragm. This means you are fully dependent on a ventilator for breathing. 

General anesthesia involves a number of risks and requires patients to follow strict instructions before and after the procedure. The recovery time is also significantly more versus IV sedation. 

IV sedation is, therefore, much safer than general anesthesia.  

Additional benefits of IV sedation are that: 

  • you can communicate with your dentist about any needs you have, 
  • you have a faster recovery time, 
  • and you have less risk of feeling nauseous. 

Removing Wisdom Teeth Using IV Sedation 

IV sedation is a very suitable option for surgery on impacted wisdom teeth due to its anxiety reduction, its safety factors, and the lowered risk of nauseousness. Studies in Sweden have shown “the average duration of anesthesia was 50 minutes. The average recovery time was 94 minutes…No serious complications occurred. The patients were co-operative during surgery and were satisfied with the treatment. Compared with full anesthesia, this method required fewer resources and is a valuable complement in the management of anxious patients undergoing oral surgery.” 

Following the procedure, you will have gauze in your mouth to reduce bleeding and we will ask you to use ice packs to help minimize postoperative swelling. We recommend you allocate 2-3 days of rest and a meal plan of softer foods – a good excuse for icecream meals. On the third or fourth day you can get back into your regular routine. Tenderness will start disappearing after the first week. We usually book people off of work for approximately one week, which is also when we will do a your postop checkup. 

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The Dental Lounge is committed to redesigning your dental experience and setting new standards for patient care and IV sedation dentistry in Pompano Beach, FL. You can reach us by calling (954) 686-5729 or using our convenient online platform. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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