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Multiple Teeth Replacement: When do I Need It?

Missing teeth are more than a nuisance they can completely take away an individual’s quality of life. If you find yourself struggling because of them, it’s time to look into multiple teeth replacement services, which has brought implant dentistry to a whole new level. Dental implants alone already have phenomenal benefits compared to other procedures as they are made to be functional, comfortable, and will more than likely last for many years if properly cared for. Since implants are also made uniquely depending on an individual’s mouth, you can be sure that your doctor is also looking out to see how your new teeth can solve other issues you may have never noticed.

When Should You Get Multiple Teeth Replacement?
Living with missing teeth is not something to be taken lightly. More often than not, we’ve heard from patients that they didn’t think that a missing tooth here and there would cause them any problems until they started noticing odd changes in their gums, faces, and more. Fortunately, this is where multiple teeth implants can be beneficial by giving patients options when they thought they had none. Below outlines the certain circumstances a person might encounter that would be a great fit for a multiple teeth replacement service:

  • If you prefer not to/cannot get dentures, crowns, or bridges, then multiple dental implants would be a likely option to make sure a domino effect doesn’t happen to the other teeth by doing nothing.
  •  Having several missing teeth can cause shifting and jaw-related problems, such as deterioration. The shifting starts with just one missing tooth and can eventually change the entire dynamic of the mouth, which can also affect eating and chewing in the long term. The deterioration can start in little places within the gums of where the missing teeth used to be and grow into a much larger problem as time goes in because there are no replacements. By getting multiple implants, you’re investing in your future by preventing movement in your bite and ensuring that jawbone stays healthy.
  •  On an aesthetic level, multiple implants have the pearly look that people strive for without looking gauche. We understand how far a great smile can go and how it can feel to be out in public with missing teeth, which is why we work with our patients extensively to guarantee that they are getting a procedure that will not only be practical but will also raise their self-confidence.
How Does the Multiple Teeth Placement Process Work?
When some of our patients first visited us, they all had one common concern: how difficult would the teeth replacement process be. The entire process is simpler than most think and can be broken down into a few steps that doctors fully utilize to ensure success.
  • During the first phase of the process, the implant (a titanium post) is placed into the jawbone or upper gumline surgically and is left for about 3 months to give the implant time to bond and heal.
  • A temporary bond, or teeth replacements, is then put on to hold the implant in place while it heals and becomes strong enough to withhold bridges or crowns. Even though it’s meant to eventually come off, the bond shouldn’t be worried about because it’s meant to last long enough for the implant to restore itself.
  • The second phrase is much easier as all of the major work is done. Once your dentist verifies that the implant is healthy and ready, the replacement teeth, or extensions, are put into place, restoring your smile and mouth’s health for the many years ahead.
We’re Always Here for Your Questions  Replacing multiple teeth doesn’t have to be complicated if they’re done right from the start with a staff that is passionate about unique dental goals. Implants serve as a far superior option when compared to dentures or crowns because they are a durable solution that are the closest to real, natural teeth. Removable, partial dentures, crowns, and fixed bridges can eventually compromise the mouth’s wellbeing by exposing the teeth, gums, and jaw to periodontal disease, bone loss, and more. For more information on multiple teeth replacement services or to schedule an appointment with us, contact us at (954) 686-5729

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