When Should You Get An Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning At The Dentist?

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Having your teeth cleaned is an important part of regular and proper dental hygiene. An ultrasonic teeth cleaning is a professional service conducted by your dentist that offers a superior clean to general home care such as brushing, flossing, and additional measures such as mouthwash. The Dental Lounge knows that great dental care is your best defense against tooth decay and gum disease, so don’t forget to book your appointment!

What Is An Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Professional teeth scaling or cleaning is important since plaque and tartar build-up is more difficult on a smooth, clean tooth surface. An ultrasonic teeth cleaning uses an ultrasonic scaler instead of a manual plaque scraper to perform your professional cleaning. Most patients are familiar with the traditional scraping and planning method. Still, this cleaning method uses vibrational energy, which breaks up and disrupts bacteria biofilms (which makes it easier to remove). This is followed by flushing out the debris with water jets (or even antibacterial mouthwash) from the top of the scaler.
The water jets have four main benefits/uses:

  • Cool the tip of the ultrasonic scaler
  • Flush out broken up debris
  • Create bubbles that further disrupt and remove build-up
  • Create an oxygenated environment that is hostile to harmful bacteria

This cleaning method was initially introduced only for the removal of visible deposits on the teeth, but due to its gentle and efficient nature, it has been found effective for cleaning deposits just under the gum line and even the surface of tooth roots where an extra level of care and gentleness is required so as not to damage the area

The Difference Between Manual Scaling And Ultrasonic Teeth Cleaning

The main differences between the two methods are based on:

  • How gentle and comfortable the experience is
  • How intensive and thorough the cleaning method is
  • The time and effort spent on the cleaning

While both methods effectively clean, ultrasonic cleaning offers a quicker, more comfortable, and multi-tiered approach. That being said, it may be contradicted in some patients (for example, those patients with pacemakers due to the sound waves), so speak to your dental hygienist to ascertain the best way forward for your best dental health.

Do Not Try This At Home

It is very important to note that these are professional-grade cleaning methods and should not be attempted at home. Not only is there a risk of damaging delicate gum tissue, but you could cause tissue trauma exposing your roots and putting yourself at risk for gum recession, infection, or abscesses. A DIY/at-home procedure could also result in your soft tissue injury – the mouth is a very sensitive area! And while you may be attempting to clean your tooth enamel, you may end up scratching it and causing exposure to tooth sensitivity or more. The safest option is to continue with good oral hygiene at home and leave intensive cleaning such as tooth scaling to your dental care provider.

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