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What Is The Right Age To Get Dental Implants Pompano Beach?

At The Dental Lounge, we take dental implants very seriously, with not every patient being a suitable candidate for this process. For those wishing to undergo this process, it’s important to know that they must be 17 years or older to be considered for this dental treatment. While there are other factors at play, for now, a brief understanding of the age requirement will help you understand if you or your children will be able to get Dental Implants in Pompano Beach should one of you lose a tooth.  

While some patients believe they may be too old or too young to benefit from this option, they might be surprised to know that anyone older than 17 or 18 boasts candidacy for dental implants. As the procedure requires a fully developed jaw, patients with good oral health and suitable needs are able to undergo this treatment.  As titanium screws are placed directly into the jawbone, this tooth-replacement system requires a fully developed jawbone. Fortunately, our dentists will be able to evaluate your candidacy – and your jawbone maturity – with x-rays and images.  

Are You Too Young For Dental Implants? 

While Dental Implants in Pompano Beach offer many positive outcomes, should they be placed too early, when the jawbone is not yet formed or matured, the dental implants will shift as the jawbone grows and most certainly cause problems later on.  

Are You Too Old For Dental Implants? 

Fortunately for those seeking dental implants, you’re never too old to benefit from this dental treatment. However, even if your age permits this procedure, the approval from our dentist is still based on your overall health, oral health, and upon a full evaluation. We’ve found that most of our patients are between the ages of 50 and 70. However, we’ve still assisted many patients from 70, 80, and upwards.  

Rather Than Age, Dental Implants Are Based On Bone Quality

Patients vary by age, and with this, so does their bone quality. Bone quality is an essential factor in long-term dental implant success, so our dentists will assess the bone quality at the implant site. Hard to pinpoint the quality of bone at different age points. We understand that every patient is different. Some of our younger patients have been found to have low bone quality, while some of our older patients have high bone quality. In the case that high bone quality is found, a strong bond with the dental implant will happen. Should you have low bone quality and have a dental implant placed, it could fall out prematurely. This is why we recommend a bone graft to patients with low bone quality. No matter your age, Dental Implants in Pompano Beach could be the right fit for you, so book an evaluation today.  

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