How Long Do Porcelain Dental Crowns Last?

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Porcelain dental crowns offer many patients a second lease on life, or at the very least, their smile. For many, the loss of teeth or damage to their natural teeth can be debilitating. At The Dental Lounge, we offer a full range of services to combat any issues you may have, such as damage, discoloration, or even a root canal, and address any dental care you may need. This includes same-day dental implants, scaling and root planing, and porcelain dental crowns.

Types Of Dental Crowns

Your dentist will use mainly two types of crowns – temporary and permanent. The primary reason for having a temporary crown done is to cover the tooth while you wait for your permanent custom-made crown to be ready. These temporary crowns do not last longer than about two to three weeks, but they aren’t meant to. At The Dental Lounge we have a in house master ceramist creates your perfectly crafted porcelain crown right in the office the same day your tooth is prepared. This is so there is no long waiting periods for the patient to have to wait a week or two for the case to come back from an off-site laboratory.

How long do Porcelain Crowns Last?

A porcelain crown will last on average five to fifteen years. The longevity and lifespan of your crowns are determined through lifestyle and oral hygiene practices, and if proper care is maintained, it can extend the life of your crowns up to about 25 years.

It’s Time To Replace Your Crown – Here’s How To Tell

There are a number of telltale signs that can alert you to the fact that it is time to have your crowns seen to. Here are some symptoms that require immediate attention:

  • Cracks
  • Pain
  • Loss (crown falls out)
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Movement of the crown
  • Gaps where food and debris gets stuck
  • Lack of aesthetic appeal (it no longer looks good)
  • Visible signs of decay (this could be visual or radiographical)
  • Receding gums
  • Old age (your crowns are old and reaching the end of their lifespan)

It is important to see to any of the issues above promptly since the failure to replace your crowns in a timely manner can lead to an increased risk of dental disease and decay and can cause irreparable harm down the line.

How To Take Care Of Your Crowns So They Last

First things first, kick the bad habits. Poor dental health can seriously shorten the lifespan of your crowns through damage and wear and tear. Chewing on hard objects such as ice or even fingernails causes damage to both your crowns and your natural teeth. Grinding and clenching of the jaw is also a damage-causing habit. Smoking, acidic drinks, and sugar are also not recommended.

As for the good habits, ensure that you follow the guidelines of proper brushing technique and regularity (twice a day). Make sure to floss and ensure that plaque and food particles are removed effectively and safely. Wear a protective mouthguard, opt for fluoride toothpaste, and visit your dentist annually or as recommended.

Speak To Your Dental Health Partner About Porcelain Crowns Today

At The Dental Lounge, we know how important your smile is – that is why we take such great care when dealing with not only your porcelain dental crowns but with all your dental needs. If you would like to find out more about ceramic tooth crowns or porcelain tooth caps, please feel free to give us a call on (954) 686 5729 or visit us online to make a booking here.

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