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What Happens During A Deep Teeth Cleaning?

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Deep Teeth Cleaning

Regular at-home dental care is a great way to perform good oral hygiene and dental maintenance. This, combined with regular professional dental care, is the best approach to ensuring strong teeth and good gum health. For many people, periodontal maintenance may seem unnecessary, but the reality is that the best treatment for any potential periodontitis or other dental-related issues is prevention or early treatment.

At The Dental Lounge, we encourage all our patients to talk to us about deep teeth cleaning, which is a service that addresses issues that regular home cleaning does not. From scaling and root planing to preventative maintenance care guidance and addressing any issues that may arise in between dental visits, we look forward to offering our patients the very best in dental excellence.

What Exactly Is A Deep Cleaning And What Should You Expect?

Deep cleaning involves two main parts, namely scaling and root planing, but before anything is done, your dental appointment will start with an oral examination. Your dentist will do a physical exam of your mouth using a small mirror to assist. They will check around your teeth and gums for any signs of disease, inflammation, or other potential issues. If you have any serious contraindications, your dentist may advise you not to proceed with a deep cleaning at this stage, and you would first need to address any issues such as periodontitis.

More About Periodontitis

Periodontitis, meaning “inflammation around the tooth,” is a chronic bacterial infection. The infection can be quite severe, considering that the bacteria causing the infection secretes acids that break down connective tissue between your jawbone and teeth. While early stages may benefit from deep cleaning, it may become severe enough to require medication and other medicated treatment if left untreated.

Services Performed During Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning portion of your appointment is primarily based on scaling and root planing. Scaling refers to the removal of tar and plaque from the tooth surface and from just below the gumline. This cleaning extends to the bottom of the gum pocket. Root planing refers to the smoothening out of the roots of your teeth both to deter future build-up and so that the gums may reattach to your teeth. After the exam and deep cleaning, you can enjoy a professional brushing with gritty toothpaste and professional flossing. This could be followed by the application of treatment such as fluoride treatment and any other finishes your dentist deems necessary.

Your Trusted Dental Cleaning And Oral Health Professionals

The Dental Lounge offers a number of services to keep your mouth in good health. If you would like to find out more about our deep teeth cleaning services, such as scaling and root planing, or scheduling an appointment to address your periodontal maintenance, please contact us on (954) 686 5729 or request an appointment online here.

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