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Perhaps you’re looking for a way to get a full replacement of your top or bottom rows of teeth, and the thought of traditional dentures doesn’t sit well with you.

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to get a full replacement of your top or bottom rows of teeth, and the thought of traditional dentures doesn’t sit well with you. Maybe you want a permanent way to get your smile back and you don’t want to wait weeks or even months for your new smile. Maybe it’s time we talked about All-On-4 Dental Implants!


The All-On-4 dental implant procedure is a major advancement in dental implant surgery. With this cutting-edge treatment, a full arch replacement is made possible in a matter of hours, with a minimal amount of dental implants.


The All-on-4 dental implants is a method of replacing a full set of top or bottom teeth with the use of only four dental implants per arch. This revolutionary procedure allows us to provide you with same-day results.


This procedure is a complete full dental rehabilitation and is reserved for patients with severely compromised teeth. The term All-On-4 simply refers to a replacement set of teeth, known as a denture or bridge, that is supported by a set of four fixed dental implants.

This procedure is sometimes confused with conventional dentures which rely on suction or adhesive to remain in place or overdentures that use implants but snap in place. With the All-On-4 method, the bridge is permanently held in place by screws attached to four precisely-placed implants per. These are securely held in place, and can only be removed by a dental professional.

A typical All-On-4 procedure consists of 3 phases:

Preparation: Any existing compromised teeth and diseased and damaged tissue are removed Implants: The process of installing implants consists of two titanium implants in the front of the jaw, along with two additional implants in the back of the jaw at an angle. This provides a more secure and semi-permanent fit, over traditional dentures. Placement: We’ll attach your new ceramic prosthetic dental bridge to the implants and adjust for comfort and a perfect fit. This modern procedure can be completed in less than a day! Depending on your unique circumstances healing can take 3 to 6 months.

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