It is indeed a powerful proven medication for insomnia if the patients do not have an allergy to the drug and if they keep to the prescribed dosage of their doctor. There are also a few other points to be considered while consuming this super drug. The medication is effective if only the patient’s general health and other conditions are in good shape and your doctor has suggested the same.

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It is noteworthy that Zolpidem is not a drug that is sold freely by authentic pharmacies and needs a doctor’s prescription. Zolpidem is a sleeping pill that is effective for most people as it helps them to sleep easily without the trouble of waking up during the night. It belongs to the sedatives and hypnotics drug class and can have severe side effects if wrongly taken and in several cases, it will lead to hospitalization. Similarly, an overdose of the medication can lead to similar dangerous effects as it directly interferes with the functioning of the human mind. In short, the drug will impair your thinking and actions.

Zolpidem is recommended by doctors in extended-release form as it dissolves quickly and helps you fall asleep fast. However, it is your doctor who will determine which form of Zolpidem is best for you.

Some Facts on Zolpidem Medication

Zolpidem is to be avoided when you are engaged in any physical or mental activity. Usually, the drug is taken just before you go to bed as then it is safe and you get good sleep. You shouldn’t indulge in outings, driving, walking, or sex as you will experience memory problems and hallucinations. It is generally seen that the drug takes about an hour to work and results are seen within 4 weeks. The drug gives out a dangerous reaction if you consume alcohol during the medication.

If you suffer from amnesia or have hallucinations you must report it to your doctor as it may become severe. You shouldn’t go outside or walk if you are above 60 as in that case a fall due to losing balance can be risky. You may otherwise experience mild to severe delusions or show signs of depression and you must contact your doctor about the same.

Your medical history is important before you start taking Zolpidem sedative medicine as your doctor would then determine whether you should start with it or need another drug. You will not take it if your age is less than 18 years or if you have had depression, mental illness, or suicidal thoughts. If you have lung disease, liver, or kidney disease then also you will not be allowed to take the drug. There may be other reasons like if you are sensitive to lactose or if you are pregnant and in such cases, your doctor will not recommend the drug.

Watching the Symptoms

You may have to contact your doctor in case of mild to severe symptoms during intake of Zolpidem. In case of stopping you need your doctor’s advice as sudden discontinuing of the medication may create further insomnia which will be worse than the earlier one.

If your situation doesn’t improve after a week or more your doctor may ask you to discontinue Zolpidem.