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The Ins And Outs Of A Bone Graft To Secure Teeth

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Bone Graft

A bone graft in teeth is an approach to mouth care that lowers the chances of dental health complications when you need certain levels of repair and replacement. A modern-day approach to dental care that allows for steadfast and reliable installations in your mouth to make for a more comfortable daily experience. Read on to know more about the benefits of taking on these services.

What Is This Procedure?

When you have missing elements within the mouth or having dental issues with gum disease, or any kind of trauma, making use of these procedures allows you to align the structure of the bone and give strength and integrity to it.  Elements used in the bone graft teeth process may come from your own body or may be sourced from a tissue bank when needed. When weakened it can lead to a skewed bite or worse, this procedure ensures you can keep the form of your jaw without issue or concern. These may also be done even if you have had your teeth pulled out years ago; the procedure will restore your jaw structure to its previous state.

Are There Benefits?

There are many benefits that come along with this route to care and hygiene. Ensuring the restoration and maintenance of facial structures is essential to help you not to develop other dental diseases and problems. This procedure may highly improve the appearance and usefulness of implants, dentures and crowns, all of which rely on a strong, anchoring jaw structure to ensure longevity. It is also useful in preventing future problems that may arise due to insufficient density in your dental area. Procedures carried out on the anterior region is also helpful in preserving ridge topography, greatly benefiting the appearance of bridgework. When you have missing elements or gaps especially you will experience a lot of shifting and movement, which makes the structure unstable which many results in the shape of the face shifting. This may also be suggested by a medical professional when experiences cases like trauma, misalignment, a bacterial infection of the jawbone, tumours and sinus deficiencies.

The Procedure

The degree of work needed to support the structure depends on the degree of loss and misalignment. The level of work needed will be determined by your medical professional and relayed back to you when ideally understood. This process is one of the most challenging procedures that a dental professional can take on. Fortunately, the success rates for this solution is very high. 

When you are looking into a bone graft to strengthen your teeth be sure to understand what it entails. Our professionals can guide you towards the most ideal routes to take to ensure your dental health. Contact us to find out more

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