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History of Pompano Beach

When we at The Dental Lounge decided to stake down our home in Pompano Beach, we knew that we were making the best choice by becoming part of one of the finest communities within Florida. With its small-town feeling, kind citizens and lush history that people take pride in, it’s still such a surprise to realize that Pompano Beach is not as old as many may think.

Pompano Beach celebrated its 100-year incorporation in 2008. As the second oldest city in Broward County, it holds a lot of old-fashioned charm that people keep coming back to. When it was established in 1908, it was originally within Dade County, and it was known as a farming community that people would travel in and out of for goods or to visit others. In 1909, Palm Beach County was created with its border hitting the Cypress Creek Canal. A bit later in 1915, Broward County was created with a northern boundary at the Hillsboro Canal, which means that Pompano Beach had been in three counties in under 10 years.

It didn’t take long for the small community to start thriving. and in 1948, it became the city of Pompano Beach. The city quickly grew in size and with the sudden influx of new residents came stores, businesses, and a lot of nostalgia that can still be traced back today. Those who rushed to buy land within the city were attracted to the tropical climate and rich soil. They were thinking about getting rich off of crops. One of the earliest known fashionable crops was pineapples, but those in Pompano Beach had to compete with farmers in the Caribbean and Hawaii. To one up everyone else, farmers switch to growing tomatoes, beans, and other vegetables that proved to provide them with more financial rewards. One of the proudest features Pompano Beach holds is its dedication to preserving historically-styled houses that can’t be found anywhere else, including art deco, Mediterranean revival, gothic revival, modern, mission, and many more.

The Sample-McDougald house has been a major highlight on tours as it was built by Albert Neal Sample, an early pioneer, and was paraded to a new location so it could be kept safe and showed off for people to enjoy for years to come.

Because Pompano Beach is part of Broward County, that means great food and great times are also part of its reputation. Visitors can take a boat to check out Cap’s Place, which used to be a rum-runner’s casino. The restaurant holds a buffet-full of history within itself as the original Hasis family still runs it, and it’s been purported that some major figures have visited including Mariah Carey, Al Capone, and even Winston Churchill! 

Even after its centennial in 2008, Pompano Beach continues to show how it’s a place meant for opportunity and promise. With clear links to its past, it’ll stay as a city that can keep on teaching the public about some of the most important parts of Southern Florida history.

History of Pompano Beach

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