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City of Pompano Beach

There are several dental services to choose. From in Pompano Beach, FL, but it’s important to find the one best suited for you that can provide several different services at a time while still providing immaculate results. At The Dental Lounge, we have marked our place smack dab in Pompano Beach with a team that has decades of experience combined. We have already handled some of the city’s hardest cases and have delivered results that exceed the expectations of our clients.

As a top-rated dental provider in Pompano Beach, we have listened to what our community wants from us. We have watched worked with many of them and completed many projects that gave people their life back. In return, we have developed some of our best processes and methods just in the Pompano Beach area alone.

Being incorporated in 1908, the city is still fairly new but is a favorite to the many who choose to live and visit there. Arts and entertainment has become a big part of Pompano Beach with various museums and art galleries sprinkled throughout, including the Meridian Gallery, the Ely Educational Museum, and the Pompano Beach Art Gallery. A fairly new feature to the city is the Bailey Contemporary Arts Center, which is right in the heart of Pompano Beach’s new Creative Arts District and houses a dozen art studios, large galleries, educational spaces, and an open area for artists to give dialogue and lessons.

Pompano Beach also is home to several festivals and events each year that bring communities together far and wide. The events include the St. Patrick’s Irish Festival, the Pompano Beach Seafood Festival, the Holiday Yuletide Festival, St. Coleman’s Italian Festival, and the Pompano Beach Holiday Boat Parade. Whether someone is a local or has been a resident of Pompano Beach for decades  they’ll be sure to always find something to do and have many friendly faces to meet!

Food has also brought the city’s residents together, which can be traced back to about as far as its incorporation! With its tropical climate, pioneers quickly noticed how Pompano Beach would be perfect for farming. Many residents were able to get their first fortunes from cultivating goods and selling them off and now, the city has the honor of being home to some of the best eateries in South Florida (Cap’s Place, breweries, and much more) that has attracted people from all over – including some bigger names that have lived here that you might be familiar with!

Back in 2019, it was reported that 110,062 people resided in Pompano Beach. That makes the city bigger than your run-of-the-mill small town but not big enough to overwhelm you from the hustle and bustle of city life that never stops. Being able to provide to a smaller community is one of the main reasons why The Dental Lounge decided to call Pompano Beach home as we have already been able to establish long-lasting relationships. We have been brought into the city with open arms and we want to be able to give back everything Pompano Beach has given us in return through our services that can help to make people’s lives even a little bit better.

The city of Pompano Beach is still a rarity of its own, even to this day, and we are still amazed by it daily. It stands north of Fort Lauderdale and has a rich history that is still instilled in all of its residents currently. As a farming town that has turned into a booming city, Pompano Beach has become a place of promise, hard work, and endless opportunities.

City of Pompano Beach

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