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Receive the highest quality dental treatment. Book your teeth cleaning appointment for $159 today, and receive a complimentary same-day comprehensive dental checkup, detailed digital X-rays, and teeth whitening.

World Class Credentials

The Dental Lounge has the best team in South Florida. Our Esteem Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Rafael Vera, DDS you can count on being treated by a world class dentist with the skills to restore the most complicated cases.

State-Of-The-Art Dental Technology

Comfortable & painless treatment in only one appointment, you can benefit from the most advanced technology and instrumentation dentistry has to offer.

Enhance Your Quality Of Life

Top class dental treatment within the next 24 Hours means that you can walk away with the perfect smile TODAY!

One Appointment. One Perfect Smile!
Our Multispeciality Practice Ensures The Shortest Wait Times And Seamless Treatment
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Do you want to reclaim your confidence in less than 24 hours? The Dental Lounge have perfected the art of same day dental implant procedures, offering a holistic approach to dental health without the traditional extensive wait times. Benefit from decades of experience in cosmetic dental restorations encompassing 5000 premium implants, 500 Full Mouth Reconstructions, and 300 All-On-4 Arches.

The staff at The Dental Lounge always uses the highest quality materials and most advanced techniques in dentistry! This means that you can enjoy a pain free visit that’s comfortable and safe.
Meet Your New Favorite Dental Specialists
Existing patients at The Dental Lounge have noted how comfortable & safe our procedures are for them. That’s because our staff are highly trained to utilize the best in modern dental technology and instrumentation.
Your next visit to the dentist doesn’t have to be a tedious one. Experience the safety, comfort and professionalism of the staff at The Dental Lounge, and rest in the fact that your beautiful smile is in good hands.
Why Choose The Dental Lounge?
World Class
State-of-the-art equipment and dental technology to ensure effective treatment that’s comfortable, safe and judgment free.
No-Wait Appointments
Lowest industry waiting times provided to ensure same-day treatment of all procedures, no matter how complicated.
Complimentary Concierge
Safe and reliable transport home is provided for patients who have undergone sedation during their procedures.
Reimagined Dental Experience
Life changing dental healthcare that’s holistic in its approach, giving patients the best possible outcomes, while always maintaining the highest quality!
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