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We offer premium dental care that caters to a wide range of needs with special attention to the advanced requirements of our discerning patients in terms of both development and technology as well as professional expertise and skill. Unlike other dental offices or practices, we have invested in the equipment and protocols necessary to be classed as cutting edge – with the training and investment to support it. We are a bespoke style service office that leverages all this in the hands of friendly and empathic staff.

All On 4 Protocol And Our Office Standards

The All on 4 protocol was designed for patients with terminal dentition where most or all of the remaining teeth are failing. This could be due to severe bone loss, infection, or generalized caries rendering these teeth non restorable with conventional treatment. It provides a fixed solution where the teeth are removed and the implants are placed and loaded in the same day. This process eliminates the need for removable teeth.

Finding The Perfect Fit

Choosing a dental office that fits your needs and expectations is often a challenging task. Here are some things to consider:

  1. The provider training and experience
  2. Quality of the implants and restorative materials
  3. Customer and concierge service

Periodontist Training And Experience

The cases that require our All on 4 dental implants protocol are often very challenging because there is either very little bone or the quality of the bone is very poor. We may also find that there are issues surrounding the occlusion (the contact between teeth) where the bite is often collapsed or not ideal.

Since this is a procedure that is driven by a restorative approach, the most qualified specialists to handle these cases are prosthodontists. A prosthodontist that has surgical training will do both the surgery and the restorative part of the treatment which will provide the most desirable and predictable results. Another option is for prosthodontists to collaborate with oral surgeons and periodontist near me. A well trained prosthodontist with many years of experience will provide the best results.

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Quality Of The Implants And Restorative Materials

Did you know? There are over 100 implant companies! Choosing a provider or dental office that uses premium implants is vitally important. Most offices use second rated implants and materials in order to reduce costs. This will impact the long term survival and quality of the case at hand. Most offices that focus on volume and not quality do not use premium implants.

In our view, Nobel Biocare implants are the gold standard for these types of restorations. After all, they are the pioneers of the All-on-4 Protocol. More than this, Nobel Biocare specifically caters to more complex dental cases with an extremely comprehensive range of products designed for the more experienced dental professionals. We only use Nobel implants for all of our implant applications. All on 4 dental implants, Single Crowns, Bridges, Overdentures, and so on.

Restoration Materials

When we are addressing the material for the final restoration there are many options to choose from. The choice should be based on which material will last longer, have the least amount of maintenance, is kinder to the bone and the opposing dentition and provides the best aesthetics and natural feel. Materials used by dental offices include:


Resin or dental composites evolved as a restorative material because the materials are insoluble, are insensitive to dehydration, are easy to manipulate, are considerably more inexpensive than more premium dental solutions, and offer a fairly moderate tooth-like appearance. Once this material is prepared onto a milled titanium bar, it offers a fairly reasonable short term solution. Since the bar is milled as a mono-block it does not require welding or soldering but it offers a passive fit at best.

This option is a poor choice for final restoration and requires the most maintenance out of all the choices discussed here. In the short term, they function well enough, but in the long run, the teeth tend to break and come off the prosthesis. This option also wears out and becomes stained with time and many need replacement after only a few years.

Zirconia is a non-metallic material that offers a high level of mechanical strength and fracture resistance which is why, when gold prices soared, it became a viable alternative. The issue with Zirconia however is found in the sub-par aesthetical capacity as compared to more superior materials such as porcelain.

A monolithic Zirconia implant restoration uses compressed or solid Zirconia in order to produce the highest strength. While it is a stronger choice than option 1 above, they are very heavy and don’t have good translucency. These implants are milled in a solid color and then stained to the desired color. Unfortunately, they are not kind to the bone and the opposing dentition which makes them a completely inferior choice for our team at The Dental Lounge.


As above, Zirconia has been explored as a viable alternative. In this option, the compression or manufacturing of the implant is done differently in order to render a better visual result. Lightly compressed zirconia is able to accommodate medium translucency of anterior restorations.

This restoration is lighter than the monolithic Zirconia and provides improved aesthetics because the front of the teeth are layered with high translucency porcelain. This material has some valuable applications. It is considered specially for the patients with parafunction (such as severe clenchers and grinders).

Porcelain is a premium dental material and possesses a number of great qualities. Not only does it provide an exceptional level of aesthetic quality but it offers extreme strength as well. In fact, dental porcelain offers near perfectly fitting composition in terms of both high compressive strength and low tensile strength. The material is kind to both the bone and opposing definition.

This material is chemically very stable and is able to offer longevity since it does not deteriorate with time. Both the thermal conductivity and the coefficient of thermal expansion are similar to those of enamel and dentine. As a restorative material, it therefore offers the most optimal solution.

Porcelain fused to metal, otherwise known as full cast crowns, are porcelain crowns fused to a metal core. The metal framework is thin and delicate yet strong, and perfectly fits the prepared tooth.


The choice of individual porcelain crowns over a titanium framework is considered the ‘Best Of The Best’. A further improvement of option 4, Titanium alloys share some properties that noble metals such as gold have. This choice of material is not used often because it is more expensive to make. More than this, it also requires extremely precise implant placement and an excellent and experienced ceramist.

This option is light, offers exceptionally superior aesthetics, and above all it is very kind to the bone and opposing dentition. Furthermore, this option requires very little to no maintenance.

What we see here is definitely the best choice for cases of severe bone resorption. It is also the best solution to restore Zygoma implants. Not only because it provides a strong and durable solution, but because it is very light despite the fact that the restorations are typically very large because of the severe amount of bone loss.

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Customer And Concierge Service

We provide a bespoke concierge service to make your experience unforgettable. We have thought of everything you might need. If you require sedation and do not have anyone to bring you to the office and drive you back home when your procedure is finished, we will provide safe and reliable transportation. Unlike large offices with a large staff, we are a boutique office with well trained staff to deliver the highest quality care possible.

A large office will simply not provide a better and superior product. A well trained and experienced prosthodontist using the best implants and materials will.

At The Dental Lounge, we are not focused on volume. We focus on quality and a great experience.

In our patient’s opinion: The Dental Lounge is the office with the best team if you are interested in quality. They only use premium implants and materials and have one of the most experienced all on 4 dental implants providers in South Florida.

We don’t only do specialty though. We also provide all general dental procedures and hygiene services at The Dental Lounge and pediatric and orthodontic treatment at our sister facility next door.

Click on the link below to meet our prosthodontist and dental clinic manager.

We are the best choice with multiple solutions

When it comes to material selection, most general dental offices use options 1 and 2 in order to reduce cost. We do not use nor do we recommend resin teeth over a milled titanium bar nor monolithic Zirconia as final restorations.

We at The Dental Lounge predominantly use options 4 and 5, namely PFM (porcelain fused to metal) and individual porcelain crowns over a titanium framework, which provide the best long term results. Occasionally, when the situation calls for it, we use option 3 – layered Zirconia.

The options we use are:

  • Strong
  • Don’t stain or wear
  • Are light and kind to the bone and opposing dentition
    Not to mention they are the most aesthetically pleasing and provide the feel of natural dentition.

We are not the average choice nor do we have one solution. We are the best choice with multiple solutions.

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